Darkest Dungeon

Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon is a gothic roguelike RPG dungeon-crawler about the psychological stresses of adventuring - a perilous side-scrolling descent, dealing with a prodigious number of threats to your heroes’ bodily health, and worse, a relentless assault on their mental fortitude. Darkest Dungeon’s Kickstarter launched to a rabid fanbase in February 2014, meeting their goal in the first 24 hours and carrying on to achieve over 400% funding in total.

Power Up Audio is thrilled to be collaborating with Prince of Persia composer Stuart Chatwood, in providing a complete soundscape for the game.

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Towerfall Ascension

Matt Makes Games

TowerFall Ascension is an archery combat platformer for up to 4 players. First released as a launch title for the OUYA console (and promptly gaining the title of “OUYA’s killer app”), TowerFall earned a place in the PAX10 at PAX Prime 2013, as well as an IGF 2014 nomination for Best Design.

Power Up Audio provided a complete treatment of sound effects, including 8 unique and retro-inspired archer voices.

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Crypt of the Necrodancer

Brace Yourself Games

Crypt of the NecroDancer is a rhythm-based roguelike dungeon-crawler in which the player and enemies all move on the beat! Playable with a dancepad, NecroDancer has gained wide acclaim for its unique approach to a tried and tested genre - recognitions include multiple IGF 2014 nominations (including Best Audio), Destructoid’s "Editor’s Choice" at PAX Prime 2013, and selections at gaming festivals such as IndieCade, Fantastic Arcade, and Tokyo Game Show.

Power Up worked alongside renowned composer Danny Baranowsky in providing the game’s SFX and voice-over.

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Lionheart Tactics

Emerald City Games

Fans of the Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics series will find plenty of like in Lionheart Tactics, a free-to-play 3D strategy RPG that combines the best of both games. Lionheart gives the player complete control of their army, consisting of over 20 unique classes and more than 40 class-specific skills. Traverse a fully fleshed out game world, with 60 maps ranging from the frozen Splinterpeaks to the dire Wolflands. Lionheart Tactics is published by Kongregate and released officially in March of 2014 to much critical acclaim, with a four-star average on the app store and Pocket Gamer’s shining review, stating that "it’s one of the best strategy games you'll play on your mobile this year, and serves as a fantastic example of how to do free-to-play right for a core audience, without compromising on artistic vision or gameplay depth."

Power Up provided a full sound treatment for Lionheart Tactics - an original music score and full design on the characters and environments, including full voice work on the heroes.



Priority Interrupt

Delver is a first-person roguelike adventure, and is Priority Interrupt’s first released title on Steam. To date, Delver has gained a cult following due to its strong parallels to the classic CRPG Ultima Underworld, adding permadeath and procedural floor maps that span across four distinct environments. How far down will you go to retrieve the mysterious treasure that lie at the bottom of the bedrock?

After the initial success of Delver, Priority Interrupt contacted Power Up Audio to create a Mcustom treatment of all sound design in game. (Music composed by Tobias Arnold of WhiteWolf Music.)

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Sword of the Stars: The Pit

Kerberos Productions

The highly acclaimed Sword of the Stars series makes its roguelike debut with "The Pit". Upon release, The Pit quickly became an international indie success, spawning an expansion, “The Pit: Mind Games”, and an all-encompassing ultimate fan edition, "The Pit: Gold".

Power Up operated as audio director on The Pit and its expansions, taking charge of asset creation, music composition, voice-over recording, and sound implementation.


Champs: Battlegrounds

Quark Games

Lead your squad to victory in this action-packed PvP game from the makers of Valor. Champs: Battlegrounds is an interesting twist on a familiar genre, employing real-time action cues set across a strategy-RPG gridded map. Part Final Fantasy Tactics, part Starcraft, Champs focuses on fast-paced action combined with a battle hardened choose from Humans, the Undead, or Chibbets and form your squad from a suite of 50 unique units.

Power Up provided a full sound treatment for Champs - an original music score, and custom SFX for over 50 unique units.


Citizens of Earth

Eden Industries

Citizens of Earth is an RPG that places you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World! He's a classic bureacrat: charming, charismatic, but practically useless. Thus, you go about using your charisma to recruit normal townsfolk to help you investigate and to fight your battles for you. Over 40 citizens to recruit across a fully realized RPG world that pays the ultimate homage to Super Nintendo's Earthbound. Citizens is published by Atlus and is created by Eden Industries, the company that brought to Steam the music-puzzle hit: Waveform.

Power Up Audio collaborated with Denise Ng of Next Level Games fame to provide the soundscape to Citizens of Earth.


Sky Pirates of Neo Terra

Fathom Interactive

Race against strangers and friends alike for top placement in the Great Race for a chance to become the Great Tribal Leader of Neo Terra. Pick one of 15 wholly unique characters and upgrade your glider with missiles, bombs, magnets, and boosts to give you the edge in placing 1st in the fifteen courses offered. Find out why over Sky Pirates has garnered well over a million Facebook likes by playing on the social media platform, or on your preferred iOS device.

Power Up Audio stepped in to write the theme for Sky Pirates’ Facebook and iOS platforms, and further iterated upon the project’s existing audio to create a fully fleshed out soundscape.


Wanderlust Adventures

Yeti Trunk



Lightning Rod Games


Mighty Bots

East Side Games

A crushing sci-fi clash of robot titan fighters in space! Connect 2 or more like-minded elements to defeat your robot enemies in this addictive action-puzzler from East Side games. Use your brain to unleash brawn: throw out devastating physical attacks, deadly fireballs, and raise your own defensive shields. By stringing together combinations, unlock awesome Fusion powers to extract vengeance on your robotic overlord foes. Nominated for Best Game on the Go in the 2014 Canadian Video Game Awards!

Power Up Audio provided consultation on Mighty Bots in terms of approaching sound from a design perspective, then executed on these recommended measures, providing original sound effects and music.


Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures

Vivity Labs

Sparky's Adventures, Fit Brains' first foray into children’s edutainment, is a fun and healthy collection of brain games for children 2 to 8 years old. Fit Brains, a subsidiary of Rosetta Stone Inc, have created a suite of educational apps that have garnered more than 7 million mobile users and a number of stunning accolades. The apps have been rated #1 in education in over 90 countries, have been listed in Apple’s top 50 “Best Apps of 2013”, and have an average rating of 4.5/5 in the App Store. Fit Brains apps, including Sparky’s Adventures, are regularly used by a variety of public schools, universities and top-tier organizations.

Power Up Audio provided a custom sound effects and music treatment, and also took the reins in localizing the game's voice-over into 10 languages.


Bear Witness

Deep Rogue Ram Media

When 'Cheeky' the bear is ambushed and decapitated in front of a lone witness, a chain of events is set in motion up and down the coast. Bear Witness is a documentary short produced by Deep Rogue Ram Media that acts as a lynchpin in the Coastal First Nations’ ongoing “Bears Forever” campaign. This documentary explores the deep ramifications trophy hunting has on the cultural and physical landscape of First Nations peoples in living in British Columbia. In addition to being on regular rotation at Science World Vancouver, you can check out .

Power Up Audio was responsible for all aspects of post production in this documentary - foley work, sound effects creation, dialog cleanup, and original music production.


The Veil

Wayward Productions

The Veil is a mobile adventure game in the frozen abyss. After 200 years, the treacherous arctic region of the Glass Veil has re-opened. Enter the eerie, atmospheric blue void, and discover the fate of the voyage of the Seymour. Lose yourself in the serene, peaceful beauty of the ice and rock as you piece together the story of Ella and her crew as they attempt to escape to Olus Astrum - the New World.

Power Up Audio supported the Wayward team with sound effects and voice-over assistance.